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Defy - Sara B. Larson 2.5/5 stars

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Well, that was anti-climatic.

When I started this book, I was immediately engaged. I was a bit giddy even. Our main character had a strong voice and a great back story. In fact, I was really loving everything -- even the horrible description of "breeding houses" -- up until the point where there was an assassination attempt.

Why you ask?

Well, it was at this point that our strong-willed Alex (aka Alexa) whom I saw as a combination of Celaena Sardothien and Arya Stark turned into a sopping mess. And the reason for this... Well, of course a boy. But not just one boy, TWO BOYS. I have to say, if I had paid attention to the "love triangle" mess in the synopsis I never would have picked up this book.

And yet, I read on. And I was still rolling my eyes at the contrived scenes with this love interest. I just didn't feel it. At all. It felt so fake. So overdone. SO cliche.

And yet, I kept reading. Honestly, I wanted to know how things turned out. And when Alex(a) wasn't being an awkward mess with boy, she was a fairly interesting character. And the writing was good. The story was interesting. And yet in the end, I was just rolling my eyes. The choices Alex(a) and the two boys made were RIDICULOUS. The end of the book felt like the end of The Elite by Kiera Cass. And I'm kind of tired of reading these same things over and over again in YA. It's probably my fault for reading so many books, but things are definitely starting to all blend together.

Other issues: I needed more world building. And a map. Those of you who are faithful followers know how pro-map I am when it comes to fantasy books. I NEED to see the world as it is. I was only given a few context clues, but I wanted to know what these different countries were like, what sorcerers were like, etc. I wanted to know more about Alex(a)'s back story, etc.

I don't want this to sound like the book was bad. It wasn't. I just have read such amazing books in the fantasy realm lately that this one didn't hold a candle. I will put the second book on my TBR list, but honestly, I'll be pretty critical of the synopsis prior to reading on. The story was interesting enough to put it as a maybe, mainly because I'd love some of those other questions answered.

Overall, if you really like fantasy and you have not read Throne of Glass, you will probably like this one. If you have, well, I don't think this will hold your attention.