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The Moment Before

The Moment Before - Suzy Vitello For this review and more, visit Such a Novel Idea.

This book is about a young girl who has a popular older sister, who is loved by the entire school, that dies tragically in a cheerleading accident during a pep rally. Pretty tragic. This girl was the quiet, artsy sister that wasn't in the spotlight. Her parents are devastated. Her boyfriend and best friend are devastated. The boy who was her lift partner is blamed due to testing positive for marijuana. Seems like the recipe for a really interesting book. Something right up my alley.

There are definitely some things I LOVED, liked, and hated about this book. I know I tend to over think things, but there was a lot of questions that I couldn't quit asking throughout the book. Of course, this is something that drives my husband crazy - he will read 'fun facts' to me, something that is just supposed to be a "hmm, really!?" kind of thing, and I have four or five questions. So, this is in my personality. However, I don't think this was my personality quirk, but rather some pretty big plot holes and inconsistencies in the book.

For example, as we begin to learn things about Sabine, there are things the police should have questioned at her time of death. An autopsy obviously was never preformed, because if it had, half the book wouldn't have even had to take place. In this respect, I felt like I was watching a half-baked crime show.

However, I really loved Brady, our main character. She loved her sister and was just deeply hurt and lost without her. She was trying to pick up the pieces of who she was and who her sister really was. As she began to find out life wasn't all it seemed, she seemed to show a lot of growth. She was really smart and I enjoyed her perspective. Her voice was what really kept me invested in the story.

I *almost* wished there had not been a love interest, because I felt like Brady could have worked through her problems on her own and come out just as strong in the end. I think this is because I just read Jenny Hubbard's And We Stay, where the main character is dealing with a similar situation. However, if there has to be one, I was glad of what came to be for Brady. I think the two were good for each other and that it really helped the healing process for them both.

So, this again, is a book where you have to suspend beliefs. If you can, it is a good book. The writing is really unique and I loved Brady, the main character. It was a quick read that held my attention. Even though I had a lot of issues with the book, I did enjoy reading it and will look for more from Vitello.