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Stim - Kevin Berry I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

4.5/5 stars

I have to admit my review is partially biased. This is a subject that is dear to my heart, so having it done well really just skyrocketed it to a favorite.

In 2008, doctors told me what I had long suspected – my son had autism. At the time, I was scared, worried, and terrified. I couldn’t see what our future looked like and it scared me beyond words. Six years later, I still feel like that at times, but I also feel a lot better and more understanding about what that means for my son. It took me a long time to shift my focus from being a parent of autism, to realizing what it meant for my son to have it. To see the world in his shoes.

So, when I find books like Stim, I know it is something I have to pick up.

This book was amazing — sure it was a look into the mind of an Aspie, but it went beyond the television sitcom version of an Aspie. There were so many times reading this book I felt myself feeling what Robert felt. Kevin Berry did an amazing job of putting the reader right there in the scene.

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