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Shattered Veil

Shattered Veil - Tracy E. Banghart I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

4.5 out of 5 stars

I've always been drawn to dystopian novels - I can't really even tell you the reason behind it. I remember pouring over The Giver in 7th grade, fascinated by each and every world. In 2010, my love was restored when I started the Hunger Games trilogy. Which led to a bit of an obsession with the genre. And here, four years later, a bit of weariness, because it is getting harder and harder to be impressed by a book in the genre.

And yet, the draw is still enough to pull me in to a new series. So, when I saw this book for review, my curiosity was of course piqued. This coupled with the fact that I'm a fan of the author, Tracy E. Banghart (LOVED By Blood - see my review) meant I was definitely going to give it a try.

Like most dystopian book worlds, this one is wrought with war and destruction, female inequality, and a power-hunger group lording over the lower classes. Sound familiar? Even so, this book manages to take something familiar, something popular and well-known and bring out a spark of magic. I was fully invested in the world Banghart created and came out feeling wholly refreshed from the monotony I've felt lately in this arena.

This book begins with our female protagonist, Aris, who loves to fly. Like Matched and others before it, she is going through a Selection and is to be paired with her boyfriend Calix. They are also selected for their job careers (like the Giver) and marked with a tattoo (like Pawn) to make their career path permanent. Aris and Calix's lives are all but planned out when her boyfriend is unexpectedly sent to a far-off war-front in the military.

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