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Claude on the Slopes

Claude on the Slopes - Alex T Smith I received a copy of this via the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Claude on the Slopes is a picture book about a adorable dog named Claude and his best friend Sir Bobblysock. The two go through an assortment of hijinks during the 96 pages of the book. The entire book is set around Claude and Bobblysock's first encounter with snow. Claude has a clear issue with knowing the difference between an indoor voice and an outdoor voice (he takes his one man band outfit to the library!), so the book is an opportunity to learn both about snow and being quiet when appropriate.

The language in Claude is flowery and uses words that you may have to explain to your children -- however, I enjoy a children's book that takes these opportunities to teach young children bigger words for their vocabulary. The illustrations are wonderful, and the art is set in only tones of red, gray, white, and black, which made it clean and whimsical.

It's hard to tell which of us -- my children or I -- enjoyed this book more. My five year old was able to grasp the general concepts of the book and got a kick out of the loud yelling causing an avalanche. She said her favorite part of the book was when they rolled down the mountain in a snowball and when the dog kept all his stuff in his beret. She enjoyed the sillier parts of the book - like the one man band and the sock wearing earmuffs. After we finished (and yes, she was able to sit through all 96 pages in one sitting), she quickly asked for more Claude and Bobblysock.

Overall, this is a series I recommend having on your shelves. I know we are looking forward to collecting more of the quirky puppy and his side kick sock.

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