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Forget Me Not (Forget Me Not Trilogy, #1) - Allison Blanchard For more information, visit Such A Novel Idea!

If I could sum up this book in one word it would be: sweet.

It reminded me of Twilight without the vampires and werewolves and love triangles. So basically, all the great parts of Twilight! I think it was more of the location and the Native American aspect. Other than that, I found the story of the tribes fascinating.

From the beginning Cole and Adeline made me smile. They were so cute and not at all “I just met you but I love you”. Adeline was a very naive character, which may have come off as someone lacking depth, but I think we will really see her blossom in the next book. I think sometimes characters have to be a certain way until it is time for them to grow. Cole was a guy having to come to terms with a lot of things — relationships with his dad and brother, the changes in his tribe, and the changes in himself. It was really great to see how he grew throughout the book.

And I hated the relationship between Adeline and her sister. Her sister was contradicting (as all parents/guardians/older siblings are). She didn’t want Adeline to date and was adamant that she be independent, yet she was in this serious relationship with her boyfriend. She wanted her to be involved, but gave her a hard time about being friends with Cole. I felt bad that she left Adeline alone so much, but I can understand how becoming a parent of your younger sibling at her age would be so tough. I can’t imagine having a teenager right now (I can barely handle 4 & 6 some days!) Even so, I hope the two will have a chance to work through some of those issues.

I’m really excited about where the next book will take us. Obviously, I can’t give much away because of SPOILERS, but I *think* one character introduced late in the book will end up being a very important person in this next installment. I hope I’m right. Ahh, and you have NO idea what I’m talking about do you? Well, I guess you’ll just have to read it and find out for yourself!

Overall: Three point five out of five