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Why You Should Buy It

The highly anticipated (by me at least!) third book in the Revenant series. This book is full of twists and turns, mysteries, action, and romance. It is an amazing end to an awesome series.

My Thoughts

One thing that happens after you read a lot of books is you begin to see patterns and it is easy to predict what will happen. So, I don’t know how much credit I can give myself for predicting the bigger plot points of this book, but I gotta say I was pretty excited when the book went in that direction.

Another thing that has happened to me after reading the Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices series is being spoiled by tons of books in one ‘world’. It was seriously hard to believe that when this book ended there would be no more books on Revenants/Numas. Even if the story isn’t focused on Kate/Vincent, I think there is a lot of history and back story there for Plum to continue in this world.

So, let’s get on with the book — after all that’s why you are here! The book doesn’t disappoint. It’s actually kind of hard to review this book without a lot of spoilers, but I’ll do my best. So Kate has lost (sort of) Vincent. She’s heartbroken, pissed, and ready to do whatever it takes to get Vincent back. She faces danger head on to save him and convinces her family and the Revenants to look more into the history of Revenants that was previously lost in time.

There are great, heart warming moments and sad, heartbreaking ones. It isn’t all happy endings for all characters, but Plum wraps up the series nicely.

The final battle was intense and everything I hoped it would be. It had essence of the (movie version) Breaking Dawn battle and the Harry Potter Final Battle at Hogwarts.

And Kate as a character is in my opinion a really great role model. She is witty, intelligent, brave, and faces danger head-on. While I’m not advocating teens do what she does, it is great to see heroines like Kate. She also doesn’t do the whole Bella Swan thing and needlessly beg to be turned. Gotta have respect for any character in that sense.


Four point five out of Five Stars