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Why You Should Buy It

This book, while having the new adult title, is a fast-past read with an interesting and refreshingly honest protagonist. If you like NA, you will love this book.

My Thoughts

*I received this from the publisher in exchange for an honest review, courtesy of NetGalley*

I haven’t read many new adult books, but I know about the pattern they tend to have. And this book has SOME of that pattern (good girl, ‘bad guy’, college, sex, etc.) But it also has something that makes it stand out from a lot of other books.

Rory, the main protagonist is so unique and loveable, you can’t help but smile when she has good things happen and feel bad for her when bad things happen. She’s a logical science and math geek, and is pre-med in her college. She’s a bit naive and has never had a boyfriend, because she feels no one wants her. Also, she is really bad at literature and doesn’t quite get human complexities and relationships at first. This could be due to her naivity with the opposite sex, but also stems from her motherless upbringing and socially awkward background. But her awkwardness is cute and endearing. Also she is so blunt and honest, and she isn’t coy and ‘woe is me’, which is absolutely refreshing. She has a brain and she uses it. Who doesn’t love that?

After an attempted sexual assault, she meets Tyler and kinda falls for him. Tyler rescues her and even though he is in a friends-with-benefits fling with her roommate seems to take an interest in Rory. They start out tutoring each other (he in math, her in Literature) and things escalate from there.

There IS one thing that bother me about this book. No one reports the abuse. I know it isn’t beyond reality to not report, but I get so mad about that, because it is likely the person will repeat the act on another victim. This obviously being fiction means the assailant can’t hurt anyone (since he isn’t real), but he represents MANY real assailants out there.

Overall, the plot isn’t unpredictable, but it was enjoyable nonetheless. If you are looking for a quick read with laughs, tears, and warm fuzzy feelings, this is definitely a book for you.


Three point five out of Five Stars