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Why You Should Buy It

This is one I’d recommend borrowing from the library. It is a quick read, and wasn’t one I’d consider for my personal collection.

My Thoughts

April was the month of reading books I had on my to-read list. This is another one of those. It also has an AMAZING cover. However, the story fell short for me.

The first thing I had issue with was the main character. Many things felt inauthentic and cliche. The second was the fact that all these kids somehow had access to jobs no one should have in high school. I mean, a teenage detective, mayor, and psychic — not exactly believable. And the fact that the parents ‘didn’t want to be involved’ in the investigation made it that much more unbelievable. The other issue I had was the story didn’t have enough ‘meat’ to it.

However, the mystery of the story was interesting. It wasn’t obvious who the murderer was, and Harrington kept you guessing until the very end. Ultimately, I think this is a book for a younger YA reader.

I would consider reading book two, IF I could find it at the library.


Three out of Five Stars

From: http://suchanovelidea.wordpress.com/2013/05/02/clarity-book-review/