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Why You Should Buy It

It’s creepy — like Twilight Zone creepy and will keep you guessing until the end. If you like writing that will keep you hanging on every word, wondering what is around the corner, then you’ll love this book.

My Thoughts

The first time I saw this book was before it ever came out — and I knew I had to read it based on the cover alone. It is one of the most beautiful covers I’ve seen in a long time. I finally picked it up and by the time I did, they’d changed the cover. I’m not sure why since the original was so amazing.

I’m still reeling from the fog of this book — it was mesmerizing, fantastically written, über creepy and kept you guessing until the end. However, I somehow came out not liking the book. I tried to like it, I really did. There are so many good things going for it, but I just didn’t ‘click’ with the story.

I’ve never felt like this about a book — I appreciate what the author did, but ultimately it was not for me. Which is crazy, since under normal circumstances I would have come out ranting and raving.

The Good:

The creep factor

The author gives you enough information to understand and be even more confused all at once. Very Lost-esque.

The writing — especially the imagery

There isn’t too much romance to cloud to the story

The creepy town has roots in real history

The Bad

I didn’t resonate with Ruby, this mesmerizing person whom everyone seems to love. I have never been one to be charmed by those types of people, so maybe that is why she came across as mean and controlling.

I didn’t feel sorry for the characters like I should have. I guess they just didn’t develop enough for me to have any feelings for them. Normally I can be gutted pretty easily over a character, but I didn’t even feel a glimpse of that with this book.

Things were too surreal. I love a mystery, and not being able to solve it actually spurs my logical brain, because I’m constantly trying to figure out what is going on before it happens. This usually works out to my benefit — either I figure things out and can relax and enjoy the story, or I’m suprised and then excited about the fact that I was bested by the author. However, this novel had me so up in arms about what was really going on that I couldn’t really focus on anything else — which basically left me wanting it to just be over so I would finally know.

This isn’t a book I would ultimately discourage someone for reading — more caution. The things I disliked about the book may be the things you’ll love about it. Read some reviews on Goodreads — some positive and negative — and you should be able to gauge if this one is for you.


Two point five out of Five Stars