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Salt - Danielle Ellison For this review and more, visit Such a Novel Idea.

I'm pretty much to the point now that I will pick up anything Entangled Teen puts out. I had the opportunity to review SEVERAL of their 2013 publications and each one just was a home run for me. So, I had high hopes going into this book.

Salt is a witch story, but it isn't some tired, overused paranormal story line. It's got depth and layers and a really unique premise. Penelope, our protagonist, is a witch (obvi). However, rather than casting spells and hanging out raising all kinds of hell like the girls on American Horror Story, Penelope is fighting demons. Umm, so basically we've got Buffy meets Charmed meets Supernatural. SO much yes.

As a kid, a particular demon killed her parents and stole her powers. But you're thinking, "wait, you said she's a witch!?" Here's where the fun part comes in -- she can use her powers when she is close to a family member. That's definitely one I haven't seen done before!

Penelope was an awesome main character -- she had a backbone, was stubborn, and full of snark. She wasn't perfect, but I definitely have a thing for girls who kick butt. And she does that a whole LOT. We see the desperation in her character - she tells lies, gets mad when others keep things from her, and while some people may do an eye roll, I liked that those flaws. THIS IS HOW REAL PEOPLE ACT. We are hypocritical and ridiculous, especially as teenagers. It's just what we do. And I just have to repeat how much I loved her personality. Sarcastic, snarky, and just plain smart ass at times. I loved it.

When Penelope meets Carter, she finds out she can do magic near him. Now this made me wonder, ummm are you guys related, but it was pretty obvious there was something else happening. I liked the connection the two have and they were able to dish out a lot of hilariousness with their encounters. And, I actually LOVED the plot twist with Carter.

There's a lot to this book plot-wise, which I loved... The twists and turns were well-received and the writing was smooth. Pacing, tone, and the actual writing were all great. We get a lot of details that set up the world -- explanations that help make everything make sense. Things keep moving, but you are able to pick up pieces of everything along the way until you get to the moment where it all comes together.

Overall, I'm REALLY glad I picked this one up and can't wait to see where the story goes from here!