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Run To You Part Two: Second Glance

Run To You Part Two: Second Glance - Clara Kensie Action-packed for such a short serial! I'm very thankful that I have the ARC of book three to start, because that ending was killer!


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*I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.*

I've never read a serial series before, so I was quite interested in this story for that angle. Plus the story idea sounded like it would be intense and compelling. Boy, was it.

From the first few pages, I had an emotional connection with Tessa. She just spoke straight into my heart and I found myself wanting to hug her. Her life is pretty rough: they've lived in 13 places in 8 years, having a new identity at each place. She can't do the things she loves (like art) because they can't leave behind anything personal, and she is the only one in her entire family that doesn't have psychic abilities. Oh and someone is trying to kill her.

When she met Tristan, she was very resistive. I didn't blame her, she's had a tough life. I was kind of peeved at her family for pushing her, because her reasons for not getting close to people were valid. However, it all worked out, because she fit with Tristan.

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