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Big Fat Disaster

Big Fat Disaster - Beth Fehlbaum I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

As anyone who has read my blog or my reviews knows, I am a big fan of what I call "tough issues" books. I love the catharsis that comes from a book that scoops out all of your emotional insides and leaves you an empty sobbing mess. I also love books with realistic themes that can help teens deal with whatever turmoil is going on in their own lives. I have yet to find a book that has disturbed me as much as Big Fat Disaster did. It was raw, real, emotional, heartbreaking, honest, and again real. So real in fact that sometimes I forgot I was reading a made up story, because there are in fact teens that go through the things discussed in this book every single day. It hurt me a lot to keep reading, and honestly there were times I didn't think I would make it. But the beautiful writing and compelling story pushed me on and I'm glad it did, because I got to see a hope I never saw until the end of the book. A light at the end of a really messed-up tunnel.

This book, from the second page, had me sick to my stomach. We have a beautiful, sweet teenager who is inundated on a daily basis by every single person in her life about her weight and her flaws. She is the black sheep of the family -- the odd man out. Her family's perfect image seems to be marred by her presence. Her two sisters are carbon copies of her Miss Texas mother and her father is a well-liked, respectable politician who used to play football at UT. They had it all -- and Colby feels like she doesn't fit into their perfectly polished photograph anywhere.

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