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Big or Little?

Big or Little? - Kathy Stinson, Jennifer Bell I received a copy of this via the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.

Of the three, Big or Little? was the quickest read. The message was simple — a little boy is trying to figure out if he is big or little. This is a board book, based on a longer book. It was probably a bit to young for my children (5 and 7), but they enjoyed it none the less. Honestly, I wanted to get it, because my daughter is at the age where she no longer wants to be little and hates being the youngest in our family. Seeing the boy in the book was an opportunity to open a dialogue with her about being both big and little at the same time and what that means. I do believe she would enjoy the longer form of this book.

The book’s illustration is updated for a younger set of children and would make a great paperback bed time reader for a 2-3 year old who will understand the concept and be able to relate it to their own newly-found want of independence.

Thoughts from a Five Year Old

”I liked the kitty cat best. Sometimes he wanted to be and sometimes small. I want to be BIG. I’m a big girl.”

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