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Nightmare City

Nightmare City - Andrew Klavan For this review & more, visit Such A Novel Idea.

This was an interesting and facinating young adult book -- one of the most unique premises I've read in a LONG time. The strength of this book lies in the story -- the plot is strong and interesting and will keep you guessing until the very end. I found myself enthralled by the story, wondering just what was going to happen.

That being said, there were some weak spots in the book. When it came to characters and dialogue -- I just wasn't invested. I didn't seem to connect with the character, and when I should have been feeling gut-wrenched, I just didn't get the emotional response I should of. Some of the wording is awkward, especially in the dialogue, but I was invested in the story enough to want to keep reading. Because like I said it was such a unique way to present what was happening. I have NEVER seen it done this way and it is something I've seen in books and movies so much.

One other issue I had personally was I felt the book was in first person, yet written in third person, which was just confusing and probably accounts for a lot of the weirdness I felt with the words themselves.

The book starts off very confusing, which is great, because the main character is confused. I like when I can put myself in the mindset of the character, so I really enjoyed that. Then it hits hard and fast and had my heart jumping and my blood pumping. Once we find out what is going on, the book slows a bit. I felt it dragged some, but not much. Then it picked up again by part three and kept going all the way to the end. I was very, very satisfied by how it ended. It wasn't cheesy or cheapened and has a great message.

I actually really enjoyed the parts about Tom being a journalist. As a journalism major and former newspaper editor, I was thrown back into that world for just a moment. The scenes that Tom faced people upset for telling the truth and administrators threatening to censor were very real to life and well done. I actually learned a lot about the law when it comes to different levels of news writing, including high school, and Klavan stayed within those parameters well. That was a real bonus for me personally. And Tom made a GREAT reporter.

The book creeped me out and managed to thrill and have a touch of horror to it. The story really delivered a punch and left me happy. Because of that, I do think people will really enjoy the book. I know I did.

If you like this book, I recommend Solitary by Travis Thrasher. They have a lot of the same themes and creep factor, and the book really reminded me of that series as I was reading. And if you're already a fan of Solitary, definitely check this one out!

Rating 3/5