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Why You Should Buy It

This book of a seventh-grade girl who sees ghosts is clever, funny, and well written. The book, which is the first of six in a series, is Nancy Drew meets Harry Potter and is perfect for young adults and the young at heart.

My Thoughts

*I received this e-book in exchange for an honest review.*

I have to admit that when the author approached me for this book my first thoughts were that it would be too young for me. I tend to read older young-adult books, but the synopsis was too tempting to not check out. And boy, was I glad I did!

This book follows Alex as she navigates a new school, tries to make friends and finally not be “Loopy Lexi”, and of course, as she helps a ghost find something missing. In this case, the ghost is Queen Elizabeth.

I loved the back and forth between Alex and the ghost. She manifested as a young girl, probably to identify better with Alex, which I found interesting. Most ghosts in books look like they did when they died. This was something that was unique to the series, and something that I think will appeal to young girls (and boys!) reading the book.

I read the book in just a few short hours — saying I consumed it would be an understatement. From the first page I was sucked in to Alexandra’s world. Even though it has been 16 years, I was right back in that lackluster middle school hallway with her. As someone who moved the summer after 6th grade, I identified with Alexandra. As an oddball (even when she tried SO HARD to blend in), I felt a kinship with the girl. Now, as for seeing ghosts — I can’t say that was something we had in common.

The book doesn’t focus on romance, but friendships. There is her new best friend — Penelope and the mysterious boy who may or may not be the culprit — Jack. I think the fact that this girl who feels so ostracized by her eccentricities (she loves zombies and doesn’t care about fashion) and her oddity of speaking with ghosts (because will they leave her alone during school hours? Of course not!) is able to find people who like her just for being her is a great message for kids.

In fact, there are SO many great messages in this book — be who you are, do the right thing even when it’s hard, and my favorite: history can be FUN! Alex is smart, funny, creative, and a young role model. If you have a young girl (or boy!) who is in 6th through 9th grade, this is the PERFECT series to share with them! Even if you aren’t so young, this book is a fun ride. This Nancy Drew meets Harry Potter series will be a fast favorite with anyone who picks it up!

I cannot recommend this book enough, and also cannot wait to read more!


Five out of Five Stars