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Grasping at Eternity - Karen Amanda Hooper For more information, visit my blog, Such A Novel Idea.

Why You Should Buy It

This book has a bit of everything: tragedy, romance, paranormal, mythology, fantasy, action, and mystery. The beautiful world of reincarnation that Karen Amanda Hooper builds in this book is something special.

My Thoughts

*I received this from the publisher in exchange for an honest review, courtesy of NetGalley*

I am a sucker for reincarnated love stories. I never read one until Incarnate, but I connected with the story line, and have found myself seeking out more like it. So, when I had the chance to review this book, I was nothing short of thrilled.

And I have to admit, at first this book let me down. I found myself rolling my eyes and trying to keep up with what was going on. But very quickly, I got sucked in. And by the end I was smiling and hugging my Kindle close, wishing I could read book two right away. I love stories like that!

There are some technical issues with the beginning of the book — things seem forced and rushed, but it is something that ultimately vanishes. Another thing is there are a LOT of characters to keep up with, some that come and go so fast you almost wonder what their true purpose was to the heart of the story. One redeeming quality is that the shift in POV allows you to get the back story at a smooth pace, rather than all at once as Maryah does.

But, the story that Hooper creates is unique — while many elements can be found in other books and genres, this one sets itself a part. And it is definitely a different situation than the typical ‘boy is madly in love with the girl’ scenario we see in so many other series, because obviously he has a REASON to be in love with her.

With a fast-past thrill, this book will leave you wanting more.


Four out of Five Stars