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Temptation - Travis Thrasher For more information, visit my blog, Such A Novel Idea.

For those of you who have been holding your breath in anticipation for the third installation of this amazing series, it was worth it! Prepare to be taken on yet another journey into the crazy town of Solitary.

I am fascinated by how Thrasher manages to have each of the books in this series take on such a different life. In the first, it is a pure love story, and we find ourselves with lots of questions and very little answers (FROM ANYONE). In the second book, Chris is dealing with loss and moving on, learning to trust others as he braves through this new life. It has some intense moments as we see just how evil this town can be. However, in the third book, everything from before is blown away. Chris manages to push away every bit of hope, every person he cared about, and turns into a somewhat-normal, teenage guy. He gives up and as frustrating as it is for the reader (seriously, I wanted to strangle Chris a couple of times!), we see that this is the journey he has to take to come to terms to what is happening.

We also get lots of answers. However, Thrasher is clever enough to give the reader just enough answers that we are satisfied, but still left wondering what is going to happen next. We find out that life in Solitary is not what it seemed when Chris first arrived, and that maybe his family is more than meets the eye.

Overall, this book was raw, real, action-packed and truly thrilling. Your only disappointment will be that it is all over so fast.

**A special thank you to the free galley of this book by the publisher, David C. Cook.**