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With All My Soul - Rachel Vincent For more information, visit my blog, Such A Novel Idea.

If I had to sum up this book in one word it would be intense. It was definitely an emotional rollercoaster, one I haven't felt this intensely since Amy and Rory's departure from Doctor Who. This is a beautiful end to an amazing series.


From my blog:

Why You Should Buy It

This is the seventh and final book in the Soul Screamers series. While you will need to buy the first six for context, you will not be disappointed by the wild ride that Vincent takes you on as a reader. We learn about demons, mythical creatures, romance, family and loyalty, and self-sacrifice. The book will move you to tears and transform you to the core.

My Thoughts

This book messed me up. I will admit that there have been few books that really rocked me to the core, unsettled my soul and really left me with an overwhelming feeling of human emotion. And this book definitely fits near the top of that list.

Once again, we see our protagonist come to grips about who she is and what she does — and what she does is face evil over and over again to protect the ones she loves. Kaylee does take things farther than ever before — especially in her wrath, anger, and martyrdom. However, it was a necessary evil for her to become who she is and do what she did. (like that pun?)

We see relationships mended and strengthened and Kaylee overcome some of the biggest obstacles she’s ever faced. We also get to see how everyone (including Emma) comes to terms with who they are in the world, the choices they’ve made in the past, and the choices they need to make to have a future. Kaylee is such a level-headed, intelligent person, and we really see how that plays out.

And we get to see the epic romance of Kaylee and Tod. This is one of the most amazing, brilliant, fantastic pairings I’ve seen in YA romance. Tod, Tod, Tod… sigh…

The last few chapters shattered my soul, so be prepared with tissues.


Six out of Five Stars (I know, I know!)