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Why You Should Buy It

This second book in the Starcrossed trilogy takes Helen, Lucas, and all their family and friends on more twists and turns through the modern world of greek mythology. The mixture of mythology, suspense, action, and romance is a perfect blend of magic -- it will keeping you hanging on until the very end.

My Thoughts

I had two issues with this book -- the love triangle and the fact that no one could figure out Helen's true parentage. But, obviously these were major plot points that lead up to the final book, so I was able to accept them quickly.

This book wasn't as fun as the first one -- and I mean that in the best way. I have found the true point of the second book in a trilogy is to add gut-twisting emotional issues that the protagonists have to work through. The 'happily ever after' image has to be shattered so it can be remolded in book three. And this book did hit me hard emotionally. I just wanted to hug Helen all through the book. And Lucas and Orion. All three deal with more than any other characters and are still amazing characters.

I also have to say that the ending of this book was rather brilliant. I sometimes hate how books in a trilogy have endings that seem thrown together -- just to get you to the next book. But this one ends perfectly. Not that I wasn't screaming "WAIT, WHAT ABOUT..." No, you still have questions and I wish some things would have been answered in Dreamless, but obviously we will see how they turn out in the final installment.

The mythology interwoven in this book is superb. Angelini really knows how to manipulate the myth into something that is completely realistic for 2012. And that is SO important when writing about something that's been around for thousands of years.

Overall, this book was an amazing addition to the Starcrossed series. I for one can not wait for Goddess to hit the shelves at the end of this month!


Four point five out of Five Stars