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Some Quiet Place - Kelsey Sutton For more information, visit my blog at http://suchanovelidea.wordpress.com.

Why You Should Buy It

Fans of paranormal romance will be thrilled with this unique take on the world. It is full of emotion, suspense, and mystery that will leave the reader wanting more.

My Thoughts

*I received this from the publisher in exchange for an honest review, courtesy of NetGalley*

This book is unlike anything I’ve read in a long time, and it had me hooked from the very first time I saw the cover. Gawd, that cover is amazing.

Sutton personifies emotions — Fear, Courage, Joy, Anger, etc. They are beings that exist in the world and only one human seems to be able to see them — Elizabeth. Elizabeth has this ability with a price — she cannot feel emotions herself. Now, you would think this would make her a flat, unchanging character. But, she still found a way to tug at my heart strings and make me feel for her. I know a lot of other reviewers said this made them not connect with her, but I guess I could see beyond the ‘numbness’ as she called it. I saw Elizabeth for what she was — a girl with a hard life who even if she hadn’t had this supernatural issue of not being able to feel, had every reason to need a wall of protection from the harsh emotions that would come with the difficult life she had.

The book takes twists and turns I couldn’t expect, and it doesn’t follow the normal YA pattern. I literally had NO idea at times what was going to happen, and I have to say that was refreshing when reading so many books of a similar pattern. I do think the ending was a bit predictable, but I was pleased with the results nonetheless.

There were SOME things that felt off with the book, like the conversations between Elizabeth and her parents. I know the father was supposed to be abusive and her mother was supposed to feel like her daughter wasn’t with her, but the scenes felt a bit forced. I had a hard time believing those conversations would really play out that way.

The book left potential for a sequel (and there is one listed on Goodreads), but I feel like it could be a standalone. Overall, this book was unique and engaging, and I HIGHLY recommend it to people looking for something different. However, this book does deal with mature themes (like violence and abuse), so I don’t recommend it for young YA readers.


Four point five out of Five Stars