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Ten Tiny Breaths - K.A. Tucker For more information, visit my blog, Such A Novel Idea.

This book was a breathtaking (no pun intended!) story of love, forgiveness and healing.

Admittedly, this was my first new adult book, so I wasn't sure what I was getting when I started. But, I quickly saw why new adult and young adult are now considered two separate genres.

The writing was well-done and the story was really great. Sometimes when an author throws in SO many obstacles and issues, it can make the book a bit all over the place, but this one was done well. I did predict the twist, but it wasn't any less shocking when it happened.

Kasey was a phenomenal and dynamic characters. She overcomes her demons just enough to take care of her sister. And once they are safe, she has to learn to let people in. She isn't perfect -- far from it, but we get to watch her as she deals with what happened to her and her family.

Yes, I can see how this book bothers some people, but I loved it. It is something that is now a standard I hold other NA books to. And the fact that now I can read on in the story from the sister's point of view makes me that much more happy!