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Why You Should Buy It

This is the third book in the Daughters of Zeus trilogy and wraps up the modern-day love story of Hades and Persephone. If you love Greek mythology and young adult books, this series is a perfect choice!

My Thoughts

*I won a copy of this e-book through Kaitlin Bevis' Facebook page.*

A couple of years ago I got my first Nook and began to dive into the world of e-reading. This was also in the time period I read the Hunger Games and became a bit obsessed with dystopian fiction. So, when I stumbled on P.J. Hoover's Solstice, I snatched it up. Little did I know the book also was full of Greek mythology. Myths were something we were forced to read in school, and while some of the stories were interesting, I never got wrapped up in them. Well, that all changed with Solstice. I then found myself obsessed with Greek mythology, particularly books set in modern times. And especially the Hades/Persephone story. Which led me to find Kaitlin Bevis' Persephone.

This book series was amazing! I loved the way Bevis used the myths in her modern story and really latched on to the story. When book two came out, I devoured it in a couple of hours. SO, it has been a long six months waiting for book three to come out. And now that it has, I'm sad that it is over.

The story line is great -- a young girl who doesn't know she's a god, who comes into her self throughout the story. A shy timid girl who turned into a confident, self-sacrificing, and strong willed goddess. Some of the parts of this book were hard to read, because of the pain the characters went through. In the story, we see Hades and Demeter struggle with how to save Persephone without breaking the world apart. Everyone in the book has to make a choice - and none of the choices are easy ones to make.

The book was told from three perspectives, so we could get a better grasp of what is happening. One thing I hated was just when you were getting into one character's perspective, the chapter would end and you would have to switch scenes. I think that was more of a pet-peeve because I wanted to know what was going to happen next!

And the ending was amazing. I won't give it away, but I really admire writers who can end a trilogy well -- it is a hard thing to always execute in a way that wraps things up without everything conveniently working out and everyone living happily ever after. A more realistic approach and open ended-ness is much appreciated in my book.

Although I am sad it is over, I know Bevis has written somewhere that she may write other Daughters of Zeus perspectives, so that is something to look forward to! SO, if you want a little romance, action, and coming-of-age, this is definitely the book series for you!


Four point five out of Five Stars