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Such A Novel Idea

Asunder - Jodi Meadows This series totally snuck up and surprised me. I got the first book during the sale Amazon has right before a second book comes out. I mainly got it for the gorgeous cover, as I never had read anything about reincarnation.

And let me tell you, the first book blew me away. So, I was very happy to be able to go right into Asunder. I almost think I loved Asunder better than Incarnate in some ways.

There is a substantial amount of world-building in this book as things become clearer and clearer. We find out just what is going on in this world of people who never really die -- and it is fascinating and horrible. The other creatures are being to be explained, but we are still under a lot of mystery, which I love.

This story is so fresh and unique, smart and driven, and beautifully told that I can't help but love it. It is one of the best YA series I've read in awhile and I absolutely can.not. wait to see how everything ends.