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DiSemblance - Shanae Branham For this review and more, visit my blog at Such A Novel Idea.

This book had such an interesting premise. It seemed to have a lot going on, and in fact the book does have a lot going on. It's a complicated tangle of plot and characters that will drive you mad until you learn the truth of it all.

I LOVE books that make you a little crazy. And DiSemblance definitely fits into that category. We've got a teenage genius who ultimatel has to go on the run who doesn't know what is real or not real. We've got a detective trying to find a serial killer who everyone assumes was Jason's father. And then we've got the relationships of both protagonists. Mix it all together and you've got the madness that was DiSemblance.

The writing, to me, seemed a bit awkward. I don't know why, but it definitely hindered me from getting into the story from the get-go. The first few chapters seemed stiff and cliche -- especially the developing relationship of Boston and the rather quick departure of the father. However, the plot drove the story forward and was unique and interesting enough to overshadow any of the awkwardness.

While I felt the beginning relationship of Boston and Jason was forced, their romance didn't detract from the book. However, the marital issues of Detective Durante felt disjointed from the rest of the story and seemed to hinder the flow of the story.

This was a wholly unique concept that brought some fascinating ideas to life. I truly loved what the author did with her world and what the ultimate outcome was -- it truly makes you think about life and death, what it means to be who you are, etc. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes mysteries/thrillers and science fiction.

Overall: 3/5 stars