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Why You Should Buy It

This thought-provoking science fiction novel will have you on the edge of your seat. You'll learn a little about science within the realm of one teenage girl's life and her discovery of the perfect world.

My Thoughts

*I received this e-book in exchange for an honest review via the author/publisher.*

I LOVE SMART BOOKS. I am a nerd. I took AP Chemistry for fun. Yes, I repeat, I AM A NERD. We're talking circa 2000 when nerds weren't cool. If there is one thing I love it is reading a book that isn't afraid to push the limits of the reader's mind while not 'dumbing down' the ideas. If I'm confused and the science is legit, I'm perfect okay with being confused. I'm SUPPOSED to be confused. But, I'm also learning about something useful and important in the world in a fun way. This is one of my favorite things about YA. I've used so many concepts I've read in ya books in my graduate level college courses. There is no one saying that a book for teens has to be a lower standard of concepts and ideas.

SO, that is why I was completely engrossed and enamored by Relativity. Sure I've learned the basics of what string theory is and I've read gobs of parallel universe books, but this one brought everything to fruition. I suddenly understood just a little bit better what it is Sheldon Cooper spends his days doing.

Beyond the science, the writing was superb flowed well. The story itself was unique and refreshing: it was so different from other parallel universe books. I loved that Ruby kept her chart in her notebook of the details of each world.

Ruby was really a dynamic character in my eyes. I can SEE people thinking she is flat and one-dimensional. However, I understood her way of thinking and her interactions with all the different people she met. When Ruby wasn't comfortable with a situation, she brought something of comfort in -- and to her the most comforting thing is science and knowledge.

My one critique is just how blind and oblivious the parents in the story seemed to be. Here we have troubled teens, especially Kandy, and no one seems to be doing anything or saying anything. It is obvious that she had some deep rooted issues, and maybe for sake of time they weren't addressed, but I just found it sad.

The interweaving of the history of the scientist and the town and how the tree came to be was also so well done. It had this creepy, historical vibes (like the journal and the cemetery) and brought some new elements in that gave the book an extra oomph beyond just the science fiction.

This book was hands down my favorite in terms of parallel universes. A great standalone novel that I HIGHLY recommend!

Rating: 4.5/5 stars