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Such A Novel Idea

The King's Guard - Rae Carson I have a love/hate relationship with novellas. Sometimes they are SO great and really add back story that is far to complicated to be in the main books. And sometimes they seem unnecessary and rather dull -- something I have to work to get through.

But THIS my friends is how you write a novella. It's now my favorite novella story of all time. Why? A) You get to see life from Hector's perspective -- when he is 15 and trying to enter (you guessed it) The King's Guard. B) We get some AMAZING back story -- some great information that is really critical to understanding not only Hector, but Alejandro, the Queen, and the world Elisa will one day be walking into. And some jaw droppers that you wouldn't have seen coming prior to this book. AND C) It made me REALLY want to re-read the entire series. And start The Bitter Kingdom.

So, to sum up, if you are A Girl of Fire & Thorns fan and you skipped this novella, GO BUY IT NOW! And if you aren't a fan, then obviously it is because you haven't read it yet. So, again I say... GO BUY IT NOW!

Beautiful, revealing, and reminded me just why I love this series so much.

5/5 stars