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“Because when you’ve been around forever, you have to find something outside yourself to believe in or go mad. I believe in humanity. I believe in you.”
― Tellulah Darling, My Ex From Hell

This book is hysterical. Sophie Bloom is a quick witted, sharp-tongued teen who kisses a boy and finds out she used to kind of be a Greek goddess. No pressure. She also realizes this boy was her boyfriend -- the son of Hades. Oops!

The backdrop is a boarding school in British Columbia. Sophie is a 'plain-Jane' who has two great friends (Hannah and Theo) and an arch-nemisis Bethany. We start the book with an e-mail lamenting about how Sophie has just found out she is Persephone and how one Halloween night and a prank gone bad have changed her life forever. And boy, did it ever.

Sophie, through a hilarious set of events, meets Kai. Kai is your ultimate hot-guy arse, chocked full of "I am awesome" material. And when Kai kisses Sophie, she begins to remember her past life -- and Kai. Kind of awkward.

The book goes on and somehow manages to weave Greek mythology into this amazing story about a girl in high school. I've read SO many Hades/Persephone retellings -- I never think the next one I find will be original -- and yet I am continually amazed. This one takes the cake for most entertaining, hands down.

Sure the book isn't deep and philosophical, but it is F-U-N fun. And I have to wax poetic for a moment on some of the great one-liners Darling makes. I mean, Prometheus' human last name is Rockman. ROCK MAN. Seriously, the best. (If you don't get this, please go read some mythology. A quick Google search. Wikipedia. Anything, people.) Really I just found myself wishing I had a friend like Sophie (or Tellulah!) growing up. Life would have been a whole lot more colorful! And Kai isn't all flowers and hearts -- you spend half your time rolling your eyes and wanting to kick his ass -- and the other time wanting Sophie to get one of those "bone-crushing" kisses again. The lack of consistency helped shape the story and made the romance part of the book less cut-and-dry.

The relationships and dialogues between Hannah, Theo, and Sophie are so natural. And SNARK galore. This author is absolute perfection and will now be on my pre-order before reading the synopsis list. Even if you aren't a huge Greek myth fan, this book has so much character you will find yourself laughing out loud and having a fabulous time doing it.

Absolutely 5 out of 5 stars!