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Tomorrow - C.K. Kelly Martin

This book had such an interesting twist on dystopian! The book is set in two times -- 2063 and 1986. I loved both getting to see the world as it became and the world I was alive in. Just like Eleanor & Park, it was fascinating to read about a time when I was just two -- how different (and how much the same) life was for teens.

PLUS, who doesn't love the 80's. We get to see some pop culture references, which is always fun.

I also loved that this book was both a companion and a stand alone. I hadn't read Yesterday, and was happy that I didn't have to miss out on the blog tour or miss a lot of critical details. The book is also set in Canada (Vancouver), which was a unique setting to me since I'm from Texas.

This book has a STRONG message. Much like Wall-E, we are taking really awful care of our earth, and one day we are going to pay for those choices.

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So, this book starts in 2063 in the future government's in control (a.k.a. dystopian society). They are known as U.N.A. and have figured out how to send humans back through a "chute" to the 1980's. The author uses the prologue to not only set up the world we are in, but what happens to our characters and why they are sent back. Many people may say this is "showing not telling," but I actually really enjoyed it. I was able to quickly asertain what was happening and move on with the story line.

So, when people are sent through the chute, they lose their memories of the future (well, really the UNA wipes their memories to avoid a collapse of society). However, Freya is one person who actually regains her real memories. She convinces Garren and they are then a target of the UNA.

This book will keep you glued to your reader and has a really interesting and unique spin on a genre that is becoming overdone. The writing is superb and there is some stream of conscious, dialogue, and prose -- so you aren't bored by the book at all! I also love that we see this through Garren's eyes, especially since Freya is the one who remembers. Garren had me sold by the end of his first chapter -- in fact, I used that as my excerpt today. It is beautiful, haunting, and passionate.

Overall, I was really impressed by this complex read and can't wait to see what Yesterday is all about.